Eclipse #9300i

The Eclipse i-Series #9300i Intelligent Monitoring Station is a turn-key standalone monitoring station designed for cold climates. With its insulated and heated enclosure, the 9300i can be installed in the field in locations where maintenance shed or other heated structures are not available. The vital data provided from the station can be collected manually via a micro SD card or integrated into a SCADA system (Ethernet, serial or cellular connection needed). Designed to be scalable, the intelligent flow cell design allows for up to a total of 4 sensors (in addition to temperature and pressure) to be used per flow cell, with the station having room for 2 flowcells. The unit comes standard with a 3/8” compression style inlet, a free or combined Amperometric chlorine sensor (total chlorine available as upgrade), temperature sensor, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Human Machine Interface (HMI), two micro-SD cards/adapters, and a high efficiency fan heater with four thermostats creating zoned temperature control. The Eclipse i-Series #9300i operates on 120VAC line power and built around the our already widely used sampling station design, remotely bringing the sampling results back to the laboratory.


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• Multiple Available Sensors
• Upgraded PLC
• RV50 Wireless Gateway





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