Eclipse #9300WC-i

The Eclipse i-Series #9300WC-i Intelligent Monitoring Station is a pedestal-mounted Intelligent Monitoring Station designed to be installed onto a concrete pad for warm climates. Data can be collected manually via a micro SD card or integrated into a SCADA system (Ethernet, serial or cellular connection needed). The station is scalable holding up to a total of 4 sensors (excluding temperature and pressure) and ergonomically designed for easy access. The unit comes standard with a 3/8” inlet, a free or combined Amperometric chlorine sensor (total chlorine available as upgrade), temperature sensor, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Human Machine Interface (HMI), two micro-SD cards and two adapters for accessing data and a sampling point bibb. The Eclipse #9300WC-I operates on a 24-volt lithium ion battery that is recharged using a solar panel.




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• Pressure Sensor
• pH sensor
• Turbidity sensor
• Conductivity sensor
• ORP sensor
• Additional sensors available
• Check valve
• Upgraded PLC
• RV50b Wireless Gateway and Hardware Components

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