Eclipse #9700i-Solar

The Eclipse i-Series #9700i-Solar Intelligent Monitoring and Flushing Station is the second generation of Kupferle's portable intelligent technology! Designed to easily attach directly to a fire hydrant (2½” NST), this intelligent station can be stationed at various points in the distribution system and can be equipped with multiple sensors (chlorine, turbidity, pH, pressure, temperature, etc.) to monitor different aspects of water quality. By incorporating a chlorine sensor and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the Eclipse i-Series #9700i-Solar will measure and record chlorine residual levels and flush the exact amount of water needed to maintain programmed residual parameters. Using the PLC interface, users can input minimum and desired residual levels, an initial blow-off time and a maximum flushing duration. Data is saved in a CSV file format and can be manually downloaded onto a Micro-SD Card (2 Micro-SD cards and 2 adapters included) or optional upgrades allow for communication directly to phone/tablet apps and/or SCADA in real time allowing immediate access to the unit remotely to check parameters, change settings, or even manually flush. Amperometric chlorine sensors eliminate the need for re-agents and comply with the EPA Method 334.0 which defines methods suitable for use in on-line chlorine residual monitoring for reporting purposes.  PATENT PENDING



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  • • Multi-directional diverter
  • • De-chlorination basket
  • • Special, additional, or available sensors
  • • Upgraded PLC
  • • RV50 Wireless Gateway & Hardware Components