Eclipse #9750i

The Eclipse i-Series#9750i Intelligent Portable Water Quality Device, also known as “The Flushing Buddy,”  was designed and engineered specifically to assist in flushing efficiency and data collection of particular water quality parameters in the desired water system. During flushing (Unidirectional, Water Quality, Etc.) it creates a site log of water quality results and notifies the operator when programmed set points are met for select water quality parameters (chlorine residuals, turbidity NTUs, etc.) via audio and visual notifications, eliminating the need to take numerous hand samples. It attaches directly to a fire hydrant or blow-off by using a 2½ NST side cap, which features a quick disconnect nozzle, or can be connected to the fire hydrant/diffuser using a hose connection. Each flushing site’s location, water quality results and flush duration is recorded in an excel log for easy and convenient reporting. If desired, the amount of flushed water can be calculated using one of three flow rate methods: an estimated flow rate, an estimated flow using PSI and a differential pressure flow curve from the hydrant manufacturer, or by metering the water.  The device can accommodate up to seven additional sensors (pH, conductivity, ORP, nitrate, nitrite, dissolved oxygen, etc.) with pressure already included in the standard units.  PATENT PENDING

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• pH Sensor
• Conductivity Sensor
• ORP Sensor
• Turbidity Sensor
• Free or Combined


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