Eclipse #9800i-WC-24LIS-A

The Eclipse i-Series #9800i-WC-24LIS-A is a solar powered permanent intelligent flushing station with a 2" MIP inlet connection and 6" discharge (storm/sanitary sewer, field, etc.). Flush dead end/problematic water mains as efficiently as possible by implementing this chlorine analyzer-based flushing device. Choose your chlorine residual parameters and program your unit to flush only when desired levels are not being met. The 9800i-WC-24LIS-A provides flushing and water quality data logs as it monitors and flushes. Scalable design accommodates up to 8 water quality sensors in addition to temperature and pressure which come standard. Additional available options include free/combined chlorine, total chlorine, turbidity, ORP, conductivity, and more.  Comes standard with 24 VDC lithium ion battery package and lockable UV resistant enclosure.



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Standard Features

• Depths of bury over 3′ per 6″
• Temperature and pressure sensors
• 24 VDC Lithium Ion battery package
• Valve Rated at 220 psi
• Lockable UV resistant enclosure
• RV-50 Wireless Gateway/Data package