Eclipse #9800WCi-R9-GENESIS

The Eclipse i-Series model #9800WCi-R9 GENESIS is the newest of the Intelligent Monitoring & Flushing Station Kupferle offers to maintain safe residual levels and remove possible DBPs from consumers’ water. This permanently installed station incorporates a built-in Amperometric chlorine sensor to measure and record disinfectant residual levels based on a programmed sampling schedule. Using the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) interface, users can input minimum and desired residual levels, an initial blow-off time and a maximum flushing duration. The unit will then operate under these parameters and will flush when detected residuals are below minimum programmed levels and flush only the exact amount of water needed until desired residuals are attained. All residual and flushing data is recorded and can be transferred to Microsoft Excel via a micro-SD card or can be transmitted using a SCADA system. Unit is self-powered incorporating a water turbine and a 24VDC battery bank (no outside power source needed). The unit uses any flushed water to run the turbine and charge the batteries that provide power to the analytical equipment. Additional analyzers/sensors can be incorporated including, but not limited to: temperature, pH, psi, turbidity, conductivity and ORP. It features a lockable R-9 rated insulated enclosure and is fully maintainable from above ground.  Chlorine analyzers comply with the EPA Method 334.0 which defines methods suitable for use in on-line chlorine residual monitoring for reporting purposes.  PATENT PENDING

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• Temperature Sensor
• PSI Sensor
• pH Sensor
• ORP Sensor
• Conductivity Sensor
• Turbidity Sensor
• Valve Rated at 220 psi
• Check Valve (Single)