About Kupferle Foundry

The Kupferle Foundry has manufactured American made goods in the St. Louis area for over 150 years. We now produce a number of full product lines designed to improve potable water quality throughout water distribution systems.

Manual Flushing
Automatic Flushing
Sampling Stations
Intelligent Monitoring/Flushing
Yard Hydrants
Plant & Washdown Hydrants

Innovative ideas and products have always contributed to Kupferle's growth and success. We provide a progressive approach and a commitment to high quality products and services to waterworks professionals. In this ongoing effort, Kupferle Technology Vans are always on the move across the US and offer a walkthrough exhibit of our latest flushing and sampling innovations. Our goal is to improve your water quality while saving time, water, and money!

"Since 1857, The Kupferle Foundry has been committed to providing excellent products by ensuring that all products are superior to anything in the market used for similar purposes, that they must have real merit and be simple in construction and perfect in all the working parts and cost of production must be so that a selling price can be named that will meet competition and satisfy purchasers."
John C. Kupferle (Approx. 1887)