AIS Certification

Kupferle Foundry products can be manufactured upon request to meet the EPA’s American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements on projects that are funded by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).
Due to the specific nature of each project and in order to comply with AIS requirements the following will need to occur for AIS compliance pre-approval and approval. No AIS Certification will be granted with out pre-approval and:
Pre-Approval and Job Submittal & Bidding –
– Submit job specification of products to [email protected] or to your Kupferle Territory Manager
– See the AIS Compliance Notification document below and submit with your bid to your customer/job
To obtain approved AIS Certification on pre-approved product(s)
– Submit product/job specifications to [email protected] or to your Kupferle Territory Manager
– Fill out the form in completion below, this is used to construct your certification after approval.
– Submit PO of the units – No certification will be given without submittal (or confirmation) of PO that states AIS compliance required. See above for instructions on Compliance Notification for job submittal.
Submittal of the job specifications is required in order to obtain pre-approval and approval for AIS manufacturing and certification along with the information below. Please use the form below to request an approval of goods and/or a pre-approved AIS Certification Document. While you are awaiting your document or approval, please feel free to print out our statement to use for job submittal.