Eclipse #85 Blow-Off Hydrant

85_1The Eclipse #85 Blow-Off Hydrant is designed and engineered specifically for flushing and provides excellent flow rates for improving chlorine residual levels and flushing disinfection byproducts (DBPs) to keep water safe for consumers. The #85 Eclipse Blow-Off Hydrant is designed with a heavy wall cast-iron box. The box sits at ground level and is not traffic rated. The Eclipse #85 comes standard with all brass principle working parts, numerous outlet sizes 2½” NST or smaller, self draining non-freezing drain, and numerous inlet sizes also available. The Eclipse #85 is fully serviceable from above ground. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372.


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• Depths of bury over 3', per 6"
• 2" FIP or MJ Inlet connection
• 3" MJ Inlet connection
• 4" MJ Inlet connection
• Nozzle cap
• Brass interior or exterior
• Full backflow prevention