Eclipse 88-SS-R

The Eclipse #88-SS-R Sampling Station is a removable version of our best-selling Eclipse #88-SS. The Piston design allows for the entire station to be removed from the ground in case of freezing in extreme cold climates. The Eclipse #88-SS-R is a non-draining unit that comes standard with an all stainless steel waterway and a lockable cast-aluminum enclosure. Vinyl caps are placed on all nozzles to keep contaminants out and keep the waterway clean. Unit is non-freezing with use of electric or manual evacuation hand pump (sold separately). Extreme cold climate package available for depths of bury of 5’ or more. The Eclipse #88-SS-R is fully serviceable from above ground.


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• Depths of bury over 3', per 6"
• Extreme cold Package (5' bury or deeper)
• 2½' or 3' Pedestal
• Special powder-coated paint
• Utility's Logo on Box
Electric Evacuation Pump
• Small Hand Pump: (part #88p-1S)
• Larger Hand Pump (For extreme cold): (part #Z88PS)

Evacuation Pumps

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