Eclipse #9766-MB

9766MB_Open_3The Eclipse #9766-MB Automatic Building Flushing Station is designed and engineered specifically for automatic flushing to improve water quality in buildings by periodically flushing water lines. The #9766-MB features a 1" solenoid operated valve that provides excellent flow rates of up to 65 gallons per minute to improve and maintain chlorine residual levels and flush disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) so as to keep water safe in buildings. This unit mounts easily on a wall in a janitor's closet or restroom, and flushes to a sink or floor drain. The Eclipse #9766-MB comes standard with a brushed aluminum, lockable enclosure. Each unit includes a 1" automatic valve, solenoid and self-contained digital controller. The #9766-MB allows for 12 flushing cycles per day at up to 6 hours of flush time per cycle. Operates on one 9-Volt battery (compartment holds two batteries). These units are designed with a built in sampling point to retrieve water quality samples.  PATENTED




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• Special color powder-coated paint (per order)

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