Eclipse #9800WC

9800WC_1The Eclipse #9800WC Automatic Flushing station is designed and engineered specifically for automatic flushing in warm climates. The permanently installed #9800WC provides excellent flow rates of up to 150 gallons per minute/150 psi to improve and maintain chlorine residual levels and flush disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) so as to keep water safe for consumers. The #9800WC can be easily installed on a main waterline and flushes underground directly to a sanitary sewer, storm sewer, French drain or culvert. The #9800WC-A 1” model is also available with flow rates up to 65 gallons per minute. The Eclipse #9800WC and #9800WC-A come standard with a UV- resistant locking cover. Each unit contains a double valve, sampling point, solenoid valve and self-contained digital controller. The #9800WC and #9800WC-A allow for 12 flushing cycles per day at up to 6 hours of flush time per cycle. Operates on one 9-Volt battery (compartment holds two batteries). The Eclipse #9800WC and #9800WC-A are fully serviceable from above ground.

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• Depths of bury over 1′, per 6″
• Dechlorination basket
• Dechlorination inline drain

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