Kupferle Product Lines

Kupferle's intelligent flushing and monitoring products (i-Series) allow you to monitor numerous water quality attributes such as chlorine residual, turbidity, temperature, pressure, pH, and more at various sites throughout your distribution system. Furthermore, our intelligent flushing products utilize chlorine analyzers to maintain a safe residual by flushing when levels drop below your programmed minimum acceptable level.

Kupferle offers a full line of both portable and permanent automatic flushing devices to help eliminate stagnant water in your dead end mains. The standard flushing stations contain a 2" solenoid-operated valve (flow rates up to 150 GPM) and a hand held controller. The controller allows you to program up to 12 different flush cycles per day and up to 6 hours per flush. The units run on two 9 volt batteries that have an average life span of one year (or 1,000 flush cycles).

Kupferle offers a full line of bacteriological sampling stations that can be placed throughout your distribution system. We have above ground options that connect directly to your water main, and we also offer a variety of below ground stations that can be placed inside a meter pit or valve box. The EPA has recommended the use of dedicated sampling stations, which have been proven to reduce sample times, reduce false positives, and give you fast and convenient access to your sample site.

Manual Flushing

Kupferle offers a full line of 2" to 4" post flushing hydrants and blow-off hydrants. Our hydrants are great for dead-end water lines as well as plant/washdown applications. Eliminate the two valve box setup on your dead ends with one of our hydrants that can be operated from above ground.  Our 2-inch options offer flow rates of up to 675 GPM, and our 4" options can reach up to 1,500 GPM. All of our products are fully serviceable and maintainable from above ground - no need for digging.

Kupferle offers a full line of both 3/4" and 1" yard hydrants. Our yard hydrants are an excellent choice for campgrounds, parks, golf courses, and more. Our Total Eclipse, Corn King, and Truflo brands all have choices of both basic and ornamental top stocks. All of Kupferle's yard hydrants are self-draining, non-freezing, and can be fully serviced/maintained from above ground.