MainGuard #44MS-2 Wash-down Monitor and Stand

The MainGuard #44MS-2 two inch washdown monitor with stand is designed for washing down retention basins, clarifiers, sludge holding tanks and equalization basins at wastewater treatment plants.  Standard features include a heavy duty steel mounting frame that bolts to a concrete pad.  Water is supplied by connecting a 2" hose to the stainless steel horizontal inlet.  The outlet is 2" stainless steel with dust cap.  Each unit is accompanied with a 2" stainless steel ball valve.  The unit can spray up to 190 feet at 380 gpm and a 75 psi.  The MainGuard #44MS-2 cuts cleanup time by up to 87% and reduces the need to drag a hose around while entering the basin which can potentially reduce injury incidents.  Monitor and stand is sold separately.

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