MainGuard #66D

The MainGuard #66D Stainless Steel Sampling Station is designed specifically for collecting bacteriological samples in cold climates at a designated point directly from the water main. The MainGuard #66D provides a 24/7 designated sampling site to retrieve samples at any time versus sampling from homes and businesses. Sampling stations have been shown to lower false positives, speed collection times, and reduce liability concerns. Sampling stations have been approved for use by the EPA’s Total Coliform Rule. The MainGuard #66D is a non-draining unit that comes standard with a stainless steel waterway and a lockable, removable 7" round UV rated enclosure. Vinyl caps are placed on all nozzles to keep contaminants out and keep the waterway clean. Unit is non-freezing with use of manual evacuation hand pump (sold separately). Extreme cold climate package available for depths of bury of 5’ or more. The Eclipse #66D is fully serviceable from above ground.



• Depths of by over 3′, per 6″
• Extreme cold climate package for 5′ bury or deeper
Electric Evacuation Pump
• Evacuation Pump Kit (part #88p-1S)
• Larger pump for extreme cold climate (part #Z88PS)

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