Ratcheting Valve Wrench

The Eclipse RVW is specifically designed to make operating valves easier! With its dual ratcheting feature and swivel action socket, the Eclipse RVW eliminates the need to turn the operating handle 360º. The Eclipse RVW can be made with a solid or telescoping shaft at various lengths up to 20 feet. The Speedy Valve Wrench (SVW) can be made as a stand alone wrench or as an attachment to the RVW. With its non-stationary rotating handle for smooth, quick turning the SVW is designed to open valves quickly and easily.

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• Attachable auger
• Attachable speedy handle
• Attachable 1-1/4" Pentagon Key
• Attachable 1-1/2" Pentagon Key
• Attachable 2" Square Key
• Attachable 1-1/2" Square Key
• Attachable 1" Square Key

Eclipse Ratcheting Valve Wrench