Truflo #TF300 Post Hydrant

TF300_1The Truflo #TF300 Post Hydrant is an excellent choice for wash down and general use applications on waterlines, water treatment or waste water treatment plants. Designed for wash down, the Truflo #TF300 provides excellent flow rates. The unique valve design allows for a dual-channel flow (see illustrations) that is superior to other hydrants for moving water at high velocities. The Truflo #TF300 plunger is engineered to cover the drain hole while flowing to avoid unnecessary ground erosion. The Truflo #TF300 comes standard with all brass principle working parts, 2 ½” NST outlet, 2” vertical/straight inlet (horizontal/side inlet option available) and is self-draining, non-freezing. The Truflo #TF300 is fully serviceable from above ground. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

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Depth of bury over 3", per 6"
Horizontal (side) inlet
2" MJ inlet iron adapter
2" MJ inle brass adapter