We make reliable products
to improve and maintain water quality

Product Categories

Intelligent Monitoring and Flushing

Monitor water quality anywhere in your system and flush intelligently using a chlorine analyzer and PLC.

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Sampling Stations

EPA permitted dedicated sampling stations provide access to sampling taps and reduce both liability and contamination concerns.

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Automatic Flushing

EPA approved stations that flush to maintain safe residual levels and remove old water before DBPs form.

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Post Hydrants & Blow-Offs

Our line of 2” and 4” blow-offs and post hydrants are excellent solutions for flushing dead end water mains.

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Plant & Wash Down

A line of washdown and monitor hydrants for cleanup of retention basins and more at WTPs and WWTPS.

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Yard Hydrants

A full line of basic, ornamental and commercial plant grade yard hydrants for freezing and non-freezing climates.

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