Other Products
Pressure Logger Series
  • Simple & numerous methods for field deployment
  • Easy & intuitive PC setup for logging and data downloads
  • Dynamic data visualizations with easy to read tables and graphs
  • Easily included with or added into Kupferle meter pit sampling stations, meter resetters, automatic flushers, and more!
MainGuard #95WM-R Meter Setter
  • Adjustable and repairable meter setter
  • Available in both 5/8" x 3/4" and 1" sizes
  • Adjustable horns provide flexible lay length
  • Horns fully removeable allowing for easy gasket replacement
  • NSF 61 Certified!
Electric Evacuation Pump
  • Battery-powered pump for cold climate sample stations
  • Compatible with Eclipse #88 and MainGuard #66 Cold Climate Models
Nozzle Sampling Valve
  • Easily collect water samples from hydrants (non-bacteriological)
  • 2.5" NST Swivel Connection
  • 7/16" unthreaded sampling point
Ratcheting Valve Wrench
  • Ratcheting valve key with swivel socket
  • Detachable handle for ease of portability
  • Both solid shafts and telescoping shafts available