Pressure Logger Series

  • Simple & numerous methods for field deployment
  • Easy & intuitive PC setup for logging and data downloads
  • Dynamic data visualizations with easy to read tables and graphs
  • Easily included with or added into Kupferle meter pit sampling stations, meter resetters, automatic flushers, and more!

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Kupferle offers numerous methods for field deployment with its new P-series of pressure loggers! Easily incorporate with Kupferle meter pit sampling stations and resetters, as well as our automatic flushers and more. Our pressure loggers are easy and intuitive to setup on PC for logging pressure and downloading pressure data. The downloads offer dynamic data visualization with easy to read tables and graphs!

  • P-92T Configuration (Retrofit existing 94WM and 95WM sampling stations)
  • P-94WM and P-95WM (Fully configured sampling station w/pressure logger)
  • P-95R (Meter resetter with pressure logger)
  • P-96WM-A/B (Log pressure from empty meter pit)
  • P-9800WC (Incorporate with 9800WC automatic flushers)
  • P-9700A (Log pressure from hydrant side nozzle)