Eclipse #9400WC

  • Permanent automatic flushing station for warm climates
  • 2” valve with flow rates up to 200 GPM (1” 9400WCA model also available)
  • Discharges to grade onto diffusion plate
  • Easily maintained with working parts housed above grade

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The Eclipse #9400WC is designed to improve and maintain water quality by flushing water on a scheduled basis to remove aging water in order to raise chlorine residual levels and avoid the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Diaphragm valve opens and closes slowly to avoid water hammer issues. Unit features an adjustable 2” solenoid-operated valve with a 200 GPM maximum flushing capacity and a pressure rating of 220 psi. A 1” model (9400WC-A) is also available with flow rates up to 65 GPM and a pressure rating of 150 PSI. Station housed in a UV-resistant lockable enclosure. Maintainable above grade – no digging required.

• Bluetooth Controller
• Depths of bury over 1′, per 6″
• Valve rated at 220 psi/150 gpm (part #9515)
• Check Valve (single)
• Dechlorination Option