Eclipse #9750i

  • Travels with crews during unidirectional/water quality fire hydrant flushing
  • Monitors water quality and captures data while flushing
  • Set desired “target” levels for chlorine, turbidity
  • Audio/visual alert when water quality goals are attained, increasing efficiency
  • Helps identify water quality issues throughout your system

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The Eclipse i-Series #9750i is a portable intelligent monitoring device that travels with crews during unidirectional flushes or while flushing to improve water quality. The unit can attach directly to a fire hydrant or any 2-1/2″ NST connection, or it can be connected via an included hose attachment. The 9750i can house up to 8 unique sensors such as chlorine, turbidity, pH, PSI, and more, and will create data logs for each individual hydrant site (can be mapped to GIS). In addition to capturing important water quality data while flushing, utilities can program a desired chlorine residual and/or turbidity NTU level and will be notified by an audial/visual alarm when those desired levels have been met, eliminating water waste.

• Chlorine – Free, Combined, or Total
• Turbidity
• pH
• Pressure
• Temperature
• Other sensors and custom options upon request