Eclipse #9700i-Solar

  • Portable/relocatable solar powered intelligent flushing device
  • Monitors and flushes to maintain programmable water quality goals
  • Flushing and data logs provide analytics at different sites
  • Locking enclosure, attaches to any 2-1/2″ NST outlet

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The Eclipse i-Series #9700i-Solar is a portable intelligent monitoring and flushing device used to analyze water quality and flush stagnant waterlines as well as capture important water quality data around your distribution system. Solar powered, self-charging unit that attaches easily to any 2.5″ NST outlet. Its standard chlorine analyzer and PLC allow users to set minimum and desired chlorine residual parameters, which will trigger a flush when residuals drop too low. By capturing flushing and residual data, users can analyze which dead end waterlines need to be flushed on a more frequent basis and will know exactly how to program a flushing schedule, using one of Kupferle’s Automatic Flushing Stations, by the data acquired from this unit to maintain safe residuals. Additionally, users can incorporate up to 8 sensors total to track other important water attributes like pressure, PSI, turbidity, and more.

• Chlorine – Free, Combined, or Total
• Turbidity
• pH
• Pressure
• Temperature
• Other sensors and custom options upon request
• Multi-directional diverter
• Dechlorination Option