Eclipse #9800i

  • Heated permanent intelligent monitoring and flushing station
  • Monitors chlorine residual and flushes to maintain desired levels
  • Can house up to 8 total sensors
  • Transmits water quality data wirelessly or via SCADA
  • Compact design ideal for sites with 120VAC Power (required)

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The Eclipse i-Series #9800i intelligent flushing device allows utilities to flush based on chlorine residual levels rather than programming specific flush times. Its built-in chlorine analyzer and PLC allows users to program desired chlorine residual parameters and let the flushing device maintain those safe levels intelligently. The 9800i will automatically retrieve residual samples on a programmed schedule and will only flush the water line if the levels are below the programmed minimum. The unit will flush until residual levels reach the programmed goal. The 9800i can also house up to 8 total sensors including turbidity, pH, pressure, and more. All data is logged and is communicated via an RV50 wireless gateway to your phone/tablet/laptop or SCADA. Data can also be retrieved manually using provided MicroSD cards and adapters.

• Chlorine – Free, Combined, or Total
• Turbidity
• pH
• Pressure
• Temperature
• Other sensors and custom options upon request
• Dechlorination Option
• Any depth of bury (6″ increments)