Truflo #TF100-P

  • 3/4″ or 1″ Yard washdown hydrant
  • Unique valve design allows for higher flow
  • Great for washdown/general plant applications
  • Self-draining, non-freezing
  • Fully serviceable from above ground
  • AIS Certified version available upon request

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The Truflo #TF100-P Yard Hydrant is an excellent choice for wash down and general use applications on waterlines, water treatment or waste water treatment plants. Designed for wash down, the Truflo #TF100-P provides excellent flow rates with it’s unique valve design allowing for a dual-channel flow that is superior to other hydrants for moving water at high velocities. The Truflo #TF100-P comes standard with a 1″ FIP vertical/straight inlet, either a 3/4″ GHT or 1″ MNPT outlet, 4-spoke handle, casing guard, and is self-draining/non-freezing. Kupferle builds all TF100s with an additional foot of standpipe which will sit above the ground line. We recommend installing a solid concrete base around this portion of exposed standpipe for added stability. The Truflo #TF100-P is fully serviceable from above ground. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

• Depths of Bury over 3′, per 6″
• All brass option available
• 3/4″ Vacuum breaker
• 1″ Check valve
• 1/4″ DBCV on drain
• Epoxy mastic coating on casing (below grade)
• 1/4″ tapped drain port