Eclipse #9766-HC-MB

  • Permanent 1” wall-mounted automatic building flusher
  • Independent flush valves for both hot and cold water
  • Great for underutilized office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Installs in custodian closet or restroom and drains to floor or deep sink

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The Eclipse #9766HC-MB is a dual automatic flushing station with two independent valve assemblies (one for hot water and one for cold). The hot water assembly uses a 1″ stainless waterway with 1″ FIP inlet, leading vertically through a stainless steel ball valve into a 1″ automatic flush valve (temperature rating of 150°). The cold water assembly uses a Sch. 80 PVC waterway, and also use the 1″ FIP inlet, stainless steel ball valve, and 1″ automatic flush valve (temperature rating of 140°). Each flush valve assembly uses its own programmable controller that allow for up to 12 flush cycles per day, and up to 6 hours per flush. The dual assemblies allow users to flush both hot and cold water independently. The 1″ valve provides excellent flow rates of up to 65 gallons per minute to improve and maintain chlorine residual levels and flush disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) so as to keep water safe in buildings. Each assembly also has a sampling point allowing users to easily take chlorine residual samples. This unit mounts easily on a wall in a janitor’s closet or restroom, and flushes to a sink or floor drain

• Bluetooth Controller
• Custom powder-coat paint colors