Eclipse #9800WC

  • Permanent automatic flushing station for warm climates
  • 2” valve with flow rates up to 200 GPM (1” 9800WCA model also available)
  • Flushes below grade directly into a sanitary/storm sewer, drainage ditch, etc.
  • Easily maintained with working parts housed above grade

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The Eclipse #9800WC Automatic Flushing station helps to improve and maintain water quality by flushing less water more often on a scheduled basis in order to raise chlorine residual levels and remove aging water before disinfection byproducts (DBPs) form. Sampling point bibb comes standard with flushing unit housed inside a lockable UV resistant enclosure. Warm climate model that taps directly to the main with a 2” tap. Adjustable solenoid-operated valve can flush up to 200 GPM and has a pressure rating of 220 psi. A 1” model (9800WC-A) is also available with flow rates up to 65 GPM and a pressure rating of 150 PSI. Diaphragm valve opens and closes slowly to avoid water hammer issues. Flushed water discharges below grade into a sanitary/storm sewer, culvert, or drainage ditch. Maintainable above grade – no digging required.

• Depths of bury over 1′, per 6″
• Dechlorination Option
• Check Valve
• Duckbill Backflow
• Bluetooth controller