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  • Blow-offs FAQ

    When many people think about hydrants, they picture the classic, yellow or red fire hydrant featured in most neighborhoods. However, there’s a whole lot more to a water system than just those quintessential fire hydrants. In order to make sure that all members of a community are getting fresh, clean, and appropriately safe treated water,

  • Smart Fire Hydrants and their Alternatives

    Technology these days is going at lightspeed, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. All the different capabilities of the new gadgets constantly hitting the market keep ballooning to higher and higher levels. There are very few industries that remain unaffected, and the waterworks industry is definitely not one of

  • Top 6 Benefits of an Automatic Flushing Station

    When you turn on the tap to fill up a nice, cool, refreshing glass of water, you expect a clean stream to land in your glass, right? Ensuring the quality of our water is a top public health concern for any community. According to the World Health Organization, unsanitary water can lead to the spread

  • Protected: Price Books

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  • Automatic Flushing: The Cost Effective Way To Improve Water Quality

    Consolidated Utility District (CUD), located in Murfreesboro, TN, is a lare water System that encompasses over 13,000 miles of both urban and rural water lines throughout Rutherford County. In early 2006, CUD received a notice of violation from the state of Tennessee for exceeding disinfection byproducts limits.  At that time, their flushing program consisted of two employees

  • No Valve Left Behind

    A Utility District in Tennessee launched a maintenance program to leave “No Valve Behind”. A maintenance program to locate, identify, clean and exercise and repair these valves became the main focus….More

  • WaterOnline Radio Interview at WEFTEC with Kupferle’s Matt Bachhuber

    WaterOnline Radio Interview at WEFTEC with Kupferle’s Matt Bachhuber

    Kupferle’s own Matt Bachhuber was interviewed on radio by WaterOnline during the WEFTEC conference. Here Matt discusses the importance of flushing, Kupferle’s new and upcoming line of products sampling and washdown hydrants. Check out the WaterOnline’s WEFTEC Interview!

    Check out the WaterOnline’s WEFTEC Interview!
  • Are More Drinking Water Standards on the Horizon?

    Are More Drinking Water Standards on the Horizon? Last year the Warminster Municpal Authority in Pennsylvania was asked to sample for new compounds.  Although there was not a standard initiated for these components at the time, it is believed to be an emerging contaminant. Wells were sampled routinely for the following component, Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid (PFOS).  The

  • Eliminate Dead-End Water

    UNCIRCULATED POTABLE Water in distribution dead-ends can pose a serious health problem for consumers.  As this water ages, disinfectant residuals decline and disinfectant by-products (BDBPs) increase, creating health risks for consumers and regulatory headaches…