7 Essential Truflo Products

Cupped hands under running waterWorking to maintain the cleanliness and safety of a community’s water supply is an absolutely vital task. To do it properly, you need the right tools to help you. Truflo valves and hydrants could be exactly what you need to accomplish those goals. Here at Kupferle, the Truflo line of hydrants and valves is quite popular, and for good reason. These pieces of equipment perform vital roles in many water systems. From blow-offs for flushing to more decorative yard hydrants, this line has great versatility.

We’re going to take you through all the different Truflo products we offer. In the rest of this piece, we’ll look at the different purposes of Truflo valves and hydrants, what they’re made of, how you service them, and all the other information you need to decide which one would be the best fit for your water system. 

Let’s start with the flushing side of the equation. Read on for some of the best products to keep the age of the water in your system down.

Post Hydrants and Blow-Offs

If a specific point on your water system does not require fire protection but could benefit from a hydrant, a post hydrant could be the perfect solution. There are lots of benefits, especially for dead end water mains. By using a Truflo post hydrant or blow-off there, you can easily flush the system, ensuring high quality water. The flushing process is crucial to maintaining the correct residual chlorine levels, getting rid of disinfecting byproducts, and reducing silt.

Frequently flushing a water system, especially at a dead end water main, is crucial to the health of a community. If those disinfecting byproducts go unchecked, people will drink and inhale them as well as absorbing them through their skin. This can cause serious health issues over time — conditions such as heart disease, reduced nervous system activity, and liver damage are all associated with exposure to disinfecting byproducts. 

The good news is that Trufo post hydrants and blow-offs can make a huge difference in the quality of the water in a system. They’re efficient and effective ways to flush out those harmful substances that affect aging water, bringing in new, properly-treated, safe water to the system. 

The following Truflo valves and post hydrants are options you should definitely consider if you’re looking to add more opportunities to flush the system of aging water.

Truflo #TF550

The Truflo #TF550 Blow-Off is streamlined and slim, fitting into a standard 5¼” adjustable valve box. It’s a good alternative to ball valve operated blow-offs. Instead, it features a plunger assembly. This makes it easy to maintain and repair when necessary. 

These Truflo valves are completely made of brass, making them extremely reliable and durable over time. If you do need to service this product at any point, you can do it without any digging. It comes standard with a 2” FIP vertical straight inlet and a 2” MIP outlet. It’s also certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

When you need to flush a system, using this product is a cinch. It’s a great choice to add to a dead-end water main or any other point where you need to decrease water age.

Truflo #TF500

The main differentiator between the Truflo #TF550 and the #TF500 is that the former is for warm climates and the latter is for climates where freezing is a concern. So, the #TF500 has the ability to drain excess water below the frost line and ensure there is no water left in the equipment. That’s a big benefit!

The Truflo #TF500 Blow-Off is otherwise fairly similar to the #TF550. It’s made out of durable materials — cast iron, steel, and brass. You can also opt for the version that’s completely made out of brass, and the principle working parts are all brass in either option. These high-quality materials are built to last, offering longevity and reliability for water systems that choose Truflo valves and hydrants. 

The components of the Truflo #TF500 include a 2” FIP vertical inlet, a 2” MIP outlet, and a 9/16” operating nut. All of those pieces work together in these Truflo valves to create a product that is easy to operate — simply remove the cap, attach a riser, and slowly open the blow-off. 

While this unit is built to withstand frequent use and to last a long time, if you do need to make repairs, it is fully serviceable from above ground. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

Truflo #TF200

Unlike the two Truflo valves we’ve described so far, the #TF200 sits above grade. There is an option for below grade too, though — #TF250. Both options perform well and provide lots of value to a water system. As general, all-purpose 2” water hydrants, they can fulfill different needs and provide some flexibility. You can use it for the flushing purposes we’ve outlined above, or you can use it for wash down or other purposes. 

The standard version of this product is made from cast iron and steel. However, an all brass option is also available if you prefer that material. It also comes standard with a 2½” NST outlet, 2″ FIP vertical straight inlet, but we also offer an option for a horizontal inlet.

Just like the other Kupferle products we’ve detailed so far, you don’t have to dig in order to service these hydrants, which saves a lot of time and trouble. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

This is a great choice for your flushing needs. However, due to its versatility, this Truflo product also fits into the next section.

Plant and Wash Down Hydrants

Large areas that need frequent cleaning can prove a difficult problem to solve. In many circumstances, plant and wash down hydrants provide the answer to those problems. They’re not meant for fire protection, but they can spray a high volume of water onto large surfaces that would be difficult to clean in other ways, such as wastewater treatment facilities. Instead of hauling around a bulky, heavy fire hose, you can have a hydrant fixed in a convenient location to make the process easier.

Below, we’ve got the different Truflo products that can be used for this kind of purpose. You should be able to find at least one that suits your needs. 

Truflo #TF300

For potable water applications, this post hydrant model is a great fit. It can be used to great effect in water and wastewater treatment plants. Part of that effectiveness comes from its highly favorable flow rates — this makes it well suited to washdown applications. So, if you’re looking to add a hydrant to that kind of setting or upgrade your current water system, pay attention to the specifics here.

The Truflo #TF300 consists of all brass principle working parts, a 2” FIP vertical/straight inlet, a 2½” NST outlet, a four-spoke operating handle, and a casing guard. There is also an option for a horizontal/side inlet available if that would suit your specific needs. Other benefits of choosing this model of post hydrant include being able to service it fully from above ground — no need to waste any time digging. And, of course, it’s certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

Truflo #TF100-P

When it comes to waterlines, water treatment plants, or waste water treatment facilities, this Truflo hydrant is a natural fit. Washdown applications for hydrants require excellent flow rates, and the dual-channel Truflo valves within these hydrants allow them to fill those needs. The high velocity of the water allows it to perform well in those different situations.

The specifics for the Truflo #TF100-P include a 1″ FIP vertical/straight inlet, either a 3/4″ GHT or 1″ MNPT outlet, a four-spoke handle, and an aluminum casing guard. No‐lead brass is an  available option as well. Other customizations you can make include disconnect adapters, backflow prevention devices, and a deck mount flange. There are definitely other options when it comes to materials, too, so you might want to do some further research if you’re interested in this product.

The next one on our list is very similar, so you have a lot of different options in terms of hydrants in this space. You should be able to find a combination of features and materials that suits your needs exactly.

Truflo #TF100-B

This is essentially the same model as the one we discussed in the previous section. The main difference between these two variants is that the #TF100-P has an aluminum casing guard while the #TF100-B does not have a casing guard. So, if a casing guard is an important feature for your water system, opt for the #TF100-P instead. However, if you don’t need the additional protection of a casing guard, then the #TF100-B is the way to go.

The features of this model include a 1″ FIP vertical/straight inlet, either a 3/4″ GHT or 1″ MNPT outlet, and a four-spoke handle. It’s also self-draining and non-freezing, so if you live in a colder climate, you won’t need to worry about those issues. And, as with all the other products on this list, it’s fully serviceable from above ground and certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

Yard Hydrants

This type of Truflo product can have lots of different uses. For large outdoor areas where you need access to water, yard hydrants are a great solution. Some of these applications include farms, camping grounds, and large residential estates. A Truflo yard hydrant can provide a more convenient place to hook up a hose when there’s a place far removed from main buildings that needs access to water. 

For example, campgrounds need to have a convenient place for everyone to get water. Yard hydrants are the obvious choice for situations like that. They’re easy to use and intuitive for all kinds of folks and situations. They can also make maintaining golf courses and parks much easier on the grounds staff. With unrestricted access to water, much of the struggle in keeping the grass or other plants in good condition can be negated. Placing a yard hydrant exactly where it’s needed means you’re not beholden to the location of buildings on the property.

There is one Truflo product that fits this description, and we’ll cover it in the next section.

Truflo #TF100-O

This yard hydrant has been designed and engineered to be versatile and perform well as an all-purpose workhorse in your outdoor area. In addition to its versatility and efficiency, the Truflo #TF100-O is also a stylish choice due to its ornamental cast iron casing guard. It comes standard with a 1″ FIP vertical inlet, 3/4″ GHT or 1″ MNPT outlet, and a four-spoke handle. It goes without saying, but it is also fully serviceable from above ground and certified to NSF/ANSI 372.

The unique Truflo valve design in this hydrant allows for a higher flow rate. The other conditions of your water system will also have an effect on flow rate, but getting the amount of water you need more quickly with this increased flow rate can help you get your work done more efficiently. It’s also appropriate for cold climates where freezing can be a concern with its self-draining capabilities. 

Find the best Truflo product for your purposes.

As you’ve seen over the course of this list, the Truflo line of products has so many different options. All of that variety means you should definitely be able to find one that suits your needs. From standard yard hydrants to the more specialized Truflo valves, you’ve got a plethora of products to choose from.

Start with the purpose of your hydrant and go from there. You can get more specific as needed, and if you’re looking to replace an existing hydrant, you should be able to find a product that performs just as well, if not better. Adding on the features or swapping out the materials to the ones that best suit your purposes is definitely possible.

And if you need a hydrant functionality that the Truflo line doesn’t cover, Kupferle offers other products as well. There should be something available to help your water system accomplish its goals. Whether that’s efficient washdown procedures, keeping the grass green, or maintaining safe and healthy chlorine residuals, Truflo valves and hydrants can deliver impressive results. Start your search today, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!