MainGuard #66MB

  • Wall-mounted Bac-T Sample Station
  • Installs inside building
  • Ideal for public buildings used for collecting samples
  • Discharges into 1″ PVC sleeve into sink/drain
  • Lockable Aluminum Enclosure
  • Easily serviceable and maintainable

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The MainGuard #66MB is designed and engineered specifically as an interior wall mounted sampling station. The #66MB features a 1/2″ stainless steel MIP waterway. This unit mounts easily on a wall using the built-in mounting brackets. Water drains through a 1” PVC drain pipe into a sink or floor drain. The MainGuard #66MB comes standard with a brushed aluminum, lockable enclosure with a drawbridge door design for bottle placement. Vinyl caps are placed on all nozzles to keep contaminants out and keep the waterway clean. The valve is a 7/16″ globe valve. The comfort handle provides easy turning and the ability to throttle from a full flush level to a small non-aerated continuous stream to obtain quality water samples.

• Additional piping over 1′, per 6″
• Additional enclosure over 2′, per 6″
• Powder coated paint