MainGuard #77-Hybrid

  • Hybrid bac-T sampling station/post flushing hydrant
  • 3/8″ stainless sampling point and 2″ FIP outlet
  • Non-draining to avoid contamination of bac-T sample
  • Non-freezing with use of battery-powered pump (EEP)
  • Fully serviceable from above ground

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The Mainguard #77-HYB is our hybrid bac-T sampling station and 2″ flush hydrant. The station is non-draining to avoid contamination of your bac-T sample and non-freezing with the use of our battery powered evacuation pump (EEP) or our hand pump. Comes standard with 3/8″ stainless steel sampling bibb, 2″ FIP inlet and outlet, and has a 2″ stainless steel ball valve on the outlet pipe. All working parts are brass, stainless, and PVC, and are all serviceable from above ground.