Eclipse #9700

  • Portable automatic flushing device – attaches to 2.5” NST Outlet
  • 2” valve with flow rates up to 200 GPM (1” model also available)
  • For use during non-freezing seasons only
  • Ideal for addressing immediate water quality issues

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The Eclipse #9700 portable automatic flushing device is ideal for addressing seasonal (warm weather) water quality issues on dead-end water mains where water becomes stagnant. The 9700 comes standard with a 2” automatic valve with a pressure rating of 220 PSI and flow rates up to 200 GPM. Our 1” model (9700A) can achieve flow rates up to 65 GPM with a pressure rating of 150 PSI. At only 25 pounds, the 9700 is easy to relocate around your system to address evolving water quality issues. Both handheld controller (standard) and Bluetooth option are available, with either option requiring only two 9V batteries.

• Sample Point Bibb (For chlorine residual sample)
• Dechlorination basket
• Directional Diverter
• Bluetooth Controller
• Stand for hydrant meter